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What is special about printing on glass?

We print photos directly on the tempered glass and not with the gluing method, which gives a smooth and clean look and most importantly a luxurious and different look. Therefore, printing photos on glass gives a beautiful and modern look to every living room, bedroom, business and even the dining area.


Advantages of printing on glass

  • The printing on the glass is done directly on the glass quickly and with great accuracy.
  • A luxurious look, the color will not fade after several years
  • High-quality and fast drying with UV lamps.
  • The print quality can reach up to 2000 DPI 
  • To receive a quote for installation by S.R.C's team of qualified installers. Contact us at 0547760643


Want to hang the glass picture independently?

  Choosing to hang a glass picture independently can be a fun experience and on the way you can save several hundred shekels. But it is important to remember that the professionals do this on a daily basis and bring the glass picture hanging in the most professional way possible.