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This privacy policy describes how SRC  (hereinafter - we) use the information provided by you

As part of your use of the website or which is collected as part of your use of the website

When you use the website, whether using a computer, mobile phone or any other means, information about your use may be collected by us, such as: the dates and times of your entry to the website, the pages on

You visited, time you spent on the site and more

When you use the site, you give your consent to the collection of information, its analysis, storage, processing, and disclosure subject to the terms of this privacy policy. We may use "cookies" (cookies) or similar technologies, which make use of a file that we send to the means with which you connect to the website

This file, which is visible to us and we have permission to access it, stores information about how to use your means and this helps us adapt the site better to you. We may also hide our own information in this file for this purpose. You usually have the option to block the use of "cookies" through the software you use to browse the site, but this may affect the way the site is used

Without identifying you to third parties, we may use the information collected while you are using the site and even combine it with other information about you, ourselves and/or through third parties acting on our behalf, for the purpose of performing statistical and marketing analyzes and segments, for the purpose of developing services, publishing and sending it to you or to others, marketing, and/or providing various offers that are not necessarily related to our services

As long as you provide us with personal and other details within the site for insurance purposes, you are giving your consent

to transfer it to third parties in order to perform our operations as insurance agents for you

We may, without obtaining permission from you, provide the information, including information that identifies you, to any third parties in order to use it for the purpose of protecting our rights or the rights of those related to us, collecting funds and generating accounts and other actions required by law

To the extent that you have given your consent to receive commercial or other advertisements and/or updates and/or any marketing material, whether they relate to our business or not, during your use of the website. You will not make any claim against us, if by receiving the materials in question there is a defect in your enjoyment of using the website or a limit or invasion of privacy

Notwithstanding the above in this sub-section, you may request from us by contacting our service centers that they not send you advertising material whose delivery is subject to Section 30A of the Telecommunications Law (Bezek and Broadcasting), 1982-1982. For the avoidance of doubt it will be clarified , that the provisions of this document do not detract from and/or exhaust our rights to collect, use and/or provide information according to any law, and that the provisions of this chapter are meant to be added to the provisions of any law

For the avoidance of doubt, the above does not prevent the company from responding to any instruction from a competent authority to hand over and transfer to it information about you

Best regards

 S.R.C team

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