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Terms of Use

Terms of use of the "S.R.C. website (hereinafter - us)  The regulations for the use of the above website are written in the masculine language, but what is said in it refers to both women and men _22200000-0000-0000-0000-0000000000222_ "S.R.C" site prefix ” (hereafter “”) is a website that serves as a representative website (“web promotion services”) for “SRC” and you are invited to participate in it subject to your agreement to the terms of use which will be detailed below in addition to the use of this website for all its contents and the services offered therein, downloads of files, media such as photos and videos, and the various contents offered to visitors may change from time to time or depending on the type of content ​ The site management reserves the right to update the terms of use presented below from time to time and without notice or Special mention in the various website channels ​ ​ The intellectual property of the website as well as all the information on it including the website design, website code, media files including graphics, videos, photos, texts, files The ones offered for download and any other material displayed on the site belong in full to the above-mentioned site and are the exclusive intellectual property of the "SRC" site and may not be used without prior written permission. In addition, you may not distribute, copy, reproduce, publish, imitate or process pieces code, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media and content without your prior written permission ​ ​ Site content We strive to provide you with the information presented on the site without interruptions but Due to technical considerations, third party faults or others, there may be interruptions in the availability of the site. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the website will be available to you at any time and no financial or other compensation will be given due to the interruption of the service / downloading the website ​ Links to external websites do not constitute a guarantee that these are safe, high-quality or reliable websites and a visit to them on your personal opinion only and are within the sole responsibility of the user of the site ​ The contents offered on the site are the sole property of "SRC" and may not be used for the purposes stated in these regulations (see section 3) except In cases where it was stated otherwise or in cases where it was stated that the copyrights belong to an external body. In these cases, you should check the terms of use on the attached link and act according to what is indicated on the external website to which the contents belong ​ copyright and the quality of the file when uploading an image from the personal database and/or 'printing on canvas' and/or 'printing on Glass', you confirm that you own the copyright for the image or images you uploaded or that you are authorized by the owner to reproduce the file. src-collection Responsible for printing with a maximum quality of 300DPI in any size appearing in the categories ​ The company is not responsible for the quality of a file that was uploaded from the client's private database. The customer must check the file data before sending it to us for printing ​ All drawings and images on the website are displayed in visualization formats for illustrative purposes only, the ratio and proportions of the image will change according to the dimensions of the order, there may be slight changes in the shades of colors in the images displayed on the website, as well as lightness/darkness The images vary in printing, which is due to the use of different types of computer screens or mobile phone screens, and are only in the eyes of the beholder ​ Personal design photos - after designing a personal photo the customer will be sent a simulation for his approval  only after the customer's approval will he send The file for execution and printing. Any change and/or correction after approval and printing, involves an additional payment by the customer ​ ​ Security and privacy policy This website holds an SSL certificate and traffic encryption to prevent eavesdropping, modification or Forgery of the customer's information. The site complies with the pci-dss security standard. The customer's details are saved in the system; We use the details only internally and for the purposes of improving the customer's experience on the site; We are committed to our customers and for that reason the details will not be transferred to a third party for any reason ​ Cancellation and product return policy Cancellation of transaction up to 14 business days. It is not possible to return products that we custom-made for the customer and it is not possible to return glass images and/or glazed images. In any case of a refund to the customer, a cancellation fee of 25% of the transaction price will be applied, minus the shipping fee, according to the 'shipment price list' that appears below, and the customer must also ensure that the item is returned to us; And we will reward the customer after receiving the item in our warehouse ​ The payments will be applied on the day of the order - an unpaid order is not considered a completed order. The customer declares that he approves and respects these regulations and will not have any claims against SRC in the present or in the future cancellation of a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (cancellation of a transaction), 2010-2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 2010-22200000-0000-0000 -0000-000000000222_ Delivery policy The delivery time of the items is up to 14 business days by home courier. Production time: up to 8 business days, not including the shipping time. In the event that there is a delay beyond the delivery delivery time on the part of the courier company, the customer will be entitled to request to cancel the transaction and receive his money back ​ Full disclosure This website may use cookie files (especially for registered and subscribed users) and in internal statistics interfaces in order to keep anonymous statistical records of surfers and analyze the movement of the surfer(s), browsing habits on the site and analyze clicks and time spent. At all times and only from surfers connected to the site, the stored information is completely anonymous and does not contain the surfer's name or any other identifying information _22200000- 0000-0000-0000-000000000222_ ​ Jurisdiction area When you use the site and in the event that it is found to be divided you agree below that the above is under the exclusive jurisdiction of Israeli law using only the Israeli court system in the district Tel Aviv ​ Welcome S.R.C team

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